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Unformatted text preview: Study Questions – Week 9A-B 1. What is jati? What is varna? 2. What were the major Indian castes? On what basis were they classified and ranked among themselves? Do you see a relationship between this ranking and the system of division of labor in agrarian society? 3. Where and when was the status of women lowest and their rights most restricted? Where and when did women enjoy more rights? Specify the rights that were restricted. 4. Why were women subject to male authority in agrarian societies? Why were/are they more free in hunting-gathering societies? 5. How do religious systems and systems of social stratification interact in the examples you have seen? Please give specific historical examples. 6. What type of inequalities or systems of stratification can you associate with the agrarian world? Explain. Do they not exist in hunting and gathering societies or in industrial societies? Why or why not? 7. How did religion itself constitute a basis for discrimination and societies?...
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