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writing skills assesement task3 - Writing Skills Assessment...

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Writing Skills Assessment Task 3 – Transitions Between Paragraphs You will be required to rewrite the following extract from an essay. Before you get started, you’ll need to think about the following:- 1. The original assignment was: Choose a social movement / pressure group from the list and outline the events / factors which brought it into existence . How is it organized and what strategies and tactics does it use? How effectively has the movement / pressure group addressed the original issues? What still needs to be done? 2.. The student’s chosen social movement is Greenpeace. 3. In this extract the student is answering section 1 of the question (highlighted) and section 2 (highlighted). In addition s/he has written one paragraph from the 3rd section (underlined) 4. Label the paragraphs A – D and then decide what each one is about (i.e. what point is it making?) 5. Look at the way the writer has moved from one paragraph (and therefore from one subject) to the next. The Task- Look carefully at this extract and rewrite it so that the transitions between paragraphs are smoother and make it easier for the reader to follow the way the essay is progressing. NB1 You may decide that you need to change more than the first and last sentences of each paragraph. NB 2 Please type all changes that you make in bold Pay particular attention to i)
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writing skills assesement task3 - Writing Skills Assessment...

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