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Writing skills-Assessment task1 - Writing Skills Assessment...

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Writing Skills Assessment Task 1 – Incorporating Sources You will be required to rewrite the following extract from an essay. Before you get started, you’ll need to think about the following:- 1. The original assignment was: Choose a social movement / pressure group from the list and outline the events / factors which brought it into existence. How is it organized and what strategies and tactics does it use? How effectively has the movement / pressure group addressed the original issues? What still needs to be done? 2. In this extract the student is answering part 3 (highlighted). 3. The student’s chosen social movement is UNAIDS. 4. Has s/he decided to answer the question by a) choosing topics (such as health education or AIDS and pregnant women) and writing a paragraph/section about how UNAIDS has succeeded and failed in respect to each topic or b) writing a paragraph about ways in which UNAIDS has succeeded and one about ways in which it has failed? 5. Is s/he right to try to acknowledge his/her sources or could most of the information contained in this extract be classed as ‘general knowledge’? 6. Which of the following statements about the way the student has incorporated his/her sources do you agree with? a) There’s a good balance of quoting and paraphrasing b) There are too many quotes c) The quotes are too long d) The quotes are not particularly ‘memorable’ and could be paraphrased instead e) Sometimes it’s hard to see which are the student’s ideas and which ideas come from his/her sources f) His/her intext citation style is correct (according to APA regulations) g) The Task-
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Writing skills-Assessment task1 - Writing Skills Assessment...

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