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Aspect of Challenges - physically positioned around them...

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Aspect of Challenges Implicit vs. Explicit Knowledge o Implicit: under-scribed necessary/desired goals in completing the mission o Explicit: clearly designated/defined objectives Perfect vs Imperfect Knowledge o Perfect: player has all relevant knowledge from which to make a decision o Imperfect: player only sees “part of the picture” and has to infer and make the best decision given limited knowledge and expectations RST games (Real Time Strategies Intrinsic and extrinsic Knowledge o This relates to what you expect your game player to know o Intrinsic: everyday basic knowledge any player is assumed to have o Extrinsic: the knowledge the game must convey to the player (to successfully complete the story and game Spatial Awareness o Most common in action oriented games o Refers to player having maintaining some knowledge about how things are
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Unformatted text preview: physically positioned around them Enemies Physical obstacles • Being careful of traps /ambushes • Escape route • Pattern recognition and Matching o Most common in puzzle/casual games o Finding patterns that can be exploited to win game or solve puzzle o Examples in other games: Fighting games-move combos Older actions and platform games-AII was more predictable Stealth-games look for patterns in enemy movement • Resource Management o Trying to use your various resources to the best possible effect/gain o Types of resources: Money , natural resources (wood, oil, gold etc), armies, heroes/allies, weapons, objects, ships, cities • Reaction time o Ability to quickly react appropriately to the needs of the situation o Most prevalent in real-time action and combat based games...
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