Aspects of Programming Languages

Aspects of Programming Languages - types (variables) •...

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Aspects of Programming Basics: Operators: Computers implement software using only a few operations o Arithmetic o Logical Boolean o & bit-wise AND o | bit-wise OR o ^ bit-wise XOR o ~ bit-wise NOT Variables o A named storage location myName—string data type z=a+B z,a,b are three variables, numbers z receives the sum of “a +b” o a few fundamental types of variables (primitives) numbers: Boolean Text o Can combine groups of primitives into groups to create larger composite data
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Unformatted text preview: types (variables) • Conditionals: o Allow use to make decisions, and take different actions (based on those decisions) • Syntax: o If (a ==b) Z=z*a: /*true body*/ Else Y=a-b; /*false body*/ Code body • Starts with a left brace { • Ends with a right brace } • A code body is affiliated with a o conditional, o loop, o function/procedure Loop: used to perform repetition Example: i=O; while (i<n) { a=a+B; i=i+1; }...
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Aspects of Programming Languages - types (variables) •...

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