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MT2-Sp07-KEY-kinetics - Name GSI Useful Equations and Data...

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Name__________________ GSI ____________________ 2 Useful Equations and Data Tables G = -RT ln K 101.3 J = 1 L atm R = 8.314 J / (mol K) Useful Equations y mx b X S X f f i I I X S X ] [ ] [ ] [ k Ae E a RT bc A kt A A t 0 ] [ ] [ ln nN 1 [ B ] t 1 [ B ] 0 kt r m r t t t
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Name__________________ GSI ____________________ 3 1) True or False (3 points each, 24 total) For the following questions, decide whether the statement is true or false. Circle your answer. According to collision theory, increasing the temperature will increase the rate constant of a reaction. (ambiguous, full credit was given to everyone) TRUE FALSE Catalysts never participate in the chemistry of a reaction. TRUE FALSE An internal standard can be used to find concentrations of other species in the sample. TRUE FALSE The plasma in an ICP-AES experiment is cooler than the flame in an AAS experiment. TRUE FALSE Gas Chromatography would be the best technique to use to detect trace levels of lead in drinking water. TRUE FALSE During a chromatographic separation, a polar analyte would spend more time in a polar stationary phase than in a nonpolar mobile phase.
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