CELL MOLEC EXAM 1 - Lambert-Eaton myastenic syndrome o...

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CELL MOLEC EXAM 1 DISEASES/PROBLEMS CYSTIC FIBROSIS o Problem with CFTR protein that transports Cl- ions into mucus to attract Na+ (follows pericellular pathway) o As a result, mucus becomes thick with decreased mobility and difficulty fighting infection DIABETES o Normally : 2 hormones (via islets of Langerhans) Glucagon-acts to increase blood glucose by breaking down glycogen. Insulin-reduces blood glucose level by stimulating uptake of glucose into muscle and adipose cells by stimulating glycogen synthesis. o Diabetes Type I Loss of insulin-producing beta cells Can be treated with insulin o Diabetes Type II Epidemic Worldwide Insulin resistant (liver does not recognize signal to store glycogen) Zellweger’s Syndrome o Peroxisomal protein absent
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o Problem breaking down lipids o Neurological, visual, and liver disorder and leads to early death.
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Unformatted text preview: Lambert-Eaton myastenic syndrome o Problem controlling muscles, autoimmune Ca2+ destroyed Latroxin =massive release w/o calcium, from black widow spider, bypasses need for calcium Botulism o Bacterium Clostridium botulinum o Toxin interferes with muscle contraction/can cause paralysis o Small doses used in BOTOX Naxos disease o 2 causative genes coding for proteins plakoglobin and desmoplakin o woolly hair, progressive heart disease Yersinia (food/water borne) o cell adhesion with cadherins, targets cell surface proteins Listeria (raw meats) o 25% lethal can cause bacterial meningitis o hijack normal cell adhesion of gut Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome o Collagen Defect o Can stretch skin and bend joints abnormally Marfans Syndrome o Defect in Elastin o Able to bend joints abnormally....
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CELL MOLEC EXAM 1 - Lambert-Eaton myastenic syndrome o...

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