OPR330_Winter12_final - Winter 2012 Advanced Decision...

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Advanced Decision Making and Simulation OPR 330 Professor Wenjing Shen Final Examination Instructions 1 1. All exams must be received by Thursday, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:00pm. You are given sufficient time to complete the exam, therefore late submissions will NOT be accepted. If you submit late, your will receive ZERO point for final exam grade . 2 3 2. You may submit an electronic version online or a hand-written version in my mailbox (located in the printing room on the second floor of Academic Building, 101 N. 33 rd Street) by Thursday Mar 22 at 4:00pm . It is also fine if you submit half online and half in hard copy. You are advised to start the exam earlier to avoid last-minute problems. Please do NOT send your exam to my email, as my mailbox will get exploded. If you have any questions, you can email me at ( wenjings@drexel.edu ). 4 3. There are 5 problems in the exam. Please check to make certain that you are not missing any problems. Each problem is worth 20 points. 1 4. You must work on this exam individually. You may use your text, class handouts, and any notes you may have taken, but you are not permitted to consult with anyone else. 2 5. For each problem, be sure to show all your work in detail. A correct answer without correct reasoning will not receive full points, while an incorrect answer with correct reasoning may receive partial credit. Please also submit the Excel files if used to obtain answers. Highlight your final answers to each problem in your Excel file or handwritten exam. Be sure that your handwritten answers are clear enough to read. 3 6. For simulation questions, it is ok to either use Excel simulation only or use Crystal Ball. There is no difference in terms of grading. 4 7. Write your name on every submission including Excel worksheets. 5 6 Drexel UGSA Statement of Honor: As members of the Drexel University undergraduate student body, we seek to uphold a learning environment that embraces preeminent standards of education, integrity, and community. We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is beyond reproach, adhering to the University's Code of Conduct and Academic Honesty policies. Devoted to the principles of mutual respect, equality, and honor, we assume an obligation to serve one another. 1/5
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OPR330_Winter12_final - Winter 2012 Advanced Decision...

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