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HW2%20assignment%20ANSWERS - LeBow College of Business...

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LeBow College of Business Marketing Research (MKTG 326) Department of Marketing Winter 2012 Drexel University Homework #2 – SPSS work Due Wednesday, February 15 th at 2pm 1. Remington’s Steak House Case. The file “RemingtonsMRIA.sav” is uploaded to BBVista under the Homework folder. Use this data set to answer the following questions. Make sure you include any SPSS tables that are necessary. The handout we went over in class is helpful, but the additional chapter that I uploaded to BbVista under “Extra Course Materials” is much more comprehensive regarding how to interpret the findings. a. What are the major factors customers use when selecting a restaurant to dine at, and what is the relative importance of each of these factors? (frequency tables) Food quality is the most important attribute followed by speed of service, reasonable prices, large portions and competent employees. The close ratings of food quality and speed of service tell us that customers are seeking quality and convenience when choosing a place to eat.
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b. What image do customers have of Remington’s and its two major competitors? (descriptive statistics from one-way ANOVA). Run a post hoc ANOVA between the competitor groups (Scheffe or Tukey are okay to use) and interpret the results. What additional problems or challenges does the post hoc test reveal? From the initial stage of analysis regarding perceptions of Remington’s, Outback and Longhorn,
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HW2%20assignment%20ANSWERS - LeBow College of Business...

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