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LeBow College of Business Marketing Research (MKTG 326) Department of Marketing Winter 2012 Drexel University Homework #1 – Data Collection Due Monday, January 30 th at 2pm 1. Case 5-3 Eddie Bauer: Strategize with Secondary Marketing Data, p. 136-137 Answer questions 1-4; instead of using www.claritas.com , use www.census.gov 1. What demographic and geographic information should Eddie Bauer collect to store locations? Demographic and geographic information, other than basic census data, should be collected when selecting store locations. Understanding the demographics of the market is essential knowledge for business success. However, a full national census is only conducted once every ten years, by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the primary source for demographics. To study store location, Eddie Bauer business managers need local area demographics that allow them to accurately evaluate current and future demographic profiles of potential markets and geographic information by Zip Code. Begin with a complete examination of both the customer base and market. The goal is to identify the highest value customer segments and the best new sales opportunities. After determining their target market area, Eddie Bauer should identify specific ZIP Codes for store locations, based on total dollars spent. Eddie Bauer needs to evaluate these locations for potential profitability. Then Eddie Bauer will be able to develop a highly effective strategy to:
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HW1%20assignment%20ANSWERS - LeBow College of Business...

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