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Photosynthesis and Plant Transpiration Lab Activity Answer all of the questions in this document. Please change your font color to blue or red . Save and submit this document with your answers included with an appropriate file name in either Word 97-2003 format (.doc) or rich text format (.rtf). Winston Churchill would name his file for this assignment ChurchillW_Lab4.doc. Now as you are not Mr. Churchill you will use YOUR name in the file name. Use your textbook, notes and these websites to answer the prelab questions. Pre Lab Questions: 1. What are the requirements for photosynthesis? Photosynthesis requires are sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. 2. What are the reactants and products of the light reactions? H 2 0, ADP, and NADP + are the reactants. Oxygen, ATP, and NADPH are product . 3. What are the reactants and products of the dark (light independent) reactions? ATP,NADPH, and Carbon Dioxide are the reactants. glucose is product. 4. Which processes occur in the stroma and which on the thylakoid membranes? During the process of photosynthesis, light independent reactions occur in the
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