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Cotic_M_Mitosis_Lab_McGH-2 - Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Lab...

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Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Lab Activity Answer all of the questions in this document. Please change your font color to blue or red . Save and submit this document with your answers included with an appropriate file name in either Word 97-2003 format (.doc) or rich text format (.rtf). John Hancock would name his file for this assignment HancockJ_Lab5.doc. Now as you are not John Hancock you will use YOUR name in the file name. Use your text book, notes, and this website to answer the pre lab questions. http://www.biology.arizona.edu/cell_bio/tutorials/cell_cycle/cells1.html Pre Lab Questions 1. What is the function of mitosis? Somatic cells with diploid number of chromosomes are divided by Mitoses, while the amount of DNA is correctly distributed to new cells. Daughter cells each receive the same number of chromosomes and the amount of DNA, and both have the same number of chromosomes as the mother-cell from which they arise. Furthermore, the purpose of mitosis is to replicate or reproduce the cell. 2. After mitosis has finished, how many cells have been produced? After whole process of mitosis there will be 2 diploid cells . 3. Explain the cellular activities occurring during the following phases: G1, G2, and Interphase. The interphase is phase of cell cycle where cell grows and copies its chromosomes. Also, it is a phase where the cell prepares for its division. The interphase consists of G1, S phase and G2. The G1 is phase where cell grows and copies chromosomes, while G2 is phase where cell starts to divide.
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