Alternate_Diffusion_Osmosis - Diffusion and Osmosis Lab...

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Diffusion and Osmosis Lab Answer all of the questions in this document. Please change your font color to blue or red . Save and submit this document with your answers included with an appropriate file name in either Word format (.doc or .docx in Word 2007) or rich text format (.rtf). Ben Franklin would name his file for this assignment FranklinB_Lab2.doc. Now as you are not Ben Franklin you will use YOUR name in the file name. Use your textbook, notes and the lab introduction sections to answer the pre lab questions. Please remember to use YOUR own words. I’ve read the book and I wrote the notes … you learn much more by using your own words to answer the questions and your own examples. Pre-Lab Questions 1. Define and provide an example of diffusion. Diffusion is a form of passive transport of substances through cell membranes. Diffusion is the transport of substances from the environment with more in the middle of the lower concentration until the concentrations are equated. 2. Define and provide an example of osmosis. Progress of water molecules through a semi permeable membrane, from area with superior concentration into area with a minor concentration is called osmosis. An example: Sponge submerged in water is a good example for osmosis. There is a lover concentration inside, so the water goes into the sponge and makes it swell. 3. Describe the structure of a plasma membrane. The cell membrane is constructed of lipids and proteins, which are associated polysaccharides. Lipids and proteins are the building blocks of membrane and their average is approximate.
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Alternate_Diffusion_Osmosis - Diffusion and Osmosis Lab...

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