Hwk-3 - Homework 3 Due Sep 25th 2008 1 Solve the following...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework 3 Due: Sep 25th 2008 1. Solve the following knapsack problem by DP: max 4x1 +5x2 +2x3 , subject to 3x1 +4x2 + x3 ≤ 15, where xi are nonnegative integers. 2. Give the network representation of the previous problem and solve the Knapsack problem as a longest path. 3. Solve the following resource-allocation problem with one resource: max 3x2 + 5x2 + x3 , subject 1 3 √ to 3x1 + 4[ x2 ] + x2 ≤ 25, where xi are nonnegative integers and [a] is the largest integer less than 3 or equal to a. 4. Give the network representation of Problem 3 and solve it as a longest path problem. 1 ...
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