hw2 - T 4 The tensile sLtength of s fitter used in...

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Unformatted text preview: T -' - 4.-. The tensile sLtength of s fitter used in manul'semring eloth is of interest to the pureheser. Previous experi— ence indicates that the standard deviation of tensile erenglh is 2 psi. A. rtctdnm sen-trite of eight fiber specimens is seiecunl. end the average tensile strength is found to he 12? psi. {at Test the hypothesis fl'lilt the mean tensile strength equals 125 psi versus the alternative that the menu esoeetts 12:1 psi. Use or = 111.35. (11) What is the F-uaiue For this test'.’ to} lJiseuss why a one-sided alternative was chosen it: part {a}. (ct) Construct a 95st: lewer confidenee intone] on the mean lensife strength. 4.9. The output voltage of a power supply is sssurnetl to he normally distributed. Sinteen ubstmrstions taken at random on voltage are as follows: 111.35. 9.31]. 11.65. 12.131}. 11.25. 51.53. 11.34.5135. 1121.23. 3.33. 11144. 9.25. 9.35. tun] 111.35. tn] '1'est the hypothesis that the mean voltage equals 12 1-“ against a two-sided ultee'flnti‘re using or = {1113. {1}} Construct a 95% two-sitttitl confidence interval on u. to 'E‘est the hypothesis flint tr‘ = 11 using at = nus. ltd] Construct a 95% two-sided confidence interval on o. {e} Constitth e 95% upper mnfittence interval on o. {f} Does the assumption of nonunth seem reason— able fer the output voltage? 4.15. A. random sample of son connecting rod [tins eern- tsinsfifi nomaenforming units. Estitttnte the process fnwtinn nonconforming. ta) Test the hypothesis that the true tint-tinn defec- tiue in this process is nos. Use a: = 11115. [b] Find the P—ttalue forth'ts test. th Construct e 95% upper confidence inten'nl tn: the true proeess freshen nonmnfonnine. 4.22. Suppose we wish to test the hypoflwscs H0: ,u=l5 H]: pqtlfi where we l-Luuw that 0—1 = 9.1"}. Lt‘ I11: 1mg mam: i5 madly ’30. what Rample sin: must L'K: usnd tn Elmun: Ihat the probability of type II error is no Emma-r man [1H]? Assume that {I = (HIS. ...
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hw2 - T 4 The tensile sLtength of s fitter used in...

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