hw5 - I TABLE EE.23 Purity Ham fm literelee fut-2 Hatch...

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Unformatted text preview: I TABLE EE.23 Purity Ham fm' literelee fut-2. * Hatch Purity Batelt Purity 1 0.3] 'J ] [1-3 1 2 13.33 12 [1.33 .1. H.3l H 13.31 4 1132 I4 LL32 5 £132 15 13.3] f: 3.33 [6 I3.351 3' H. 31 E? [1.33 3 £133 13 (1.3? 1} 0.31 P9 336 H? H. 32 Efll 1134 3.62. The [n.tr'itgr {1F 3 ehent'teal pret‘tuel I3 meaeuretl e11 eaeh hatch. Purity deterlm'natierta FIJI EU eueeeeeit'e hatches: are ahewn it: 'I'able $1.13. {a} Is emit}.P nel'mally distributed”! {h} is the preeeae in etatiatieal eenlrel‘! {e} Estimate the emeeee mean and attettIat-d devialien. 1 The number el' netmenfeneieg awjtchea Ia eamplett ef size 150 are Shawn in Table TE .1. Cfiflfl'l'ut'l a fraetien neeeenfenn'lng cent-e] ehart Fer theae data. flees the pmeeaa appear te be in eerttrel'? Il' net. tit-tame that aasignahte causes. can be found far all puinla euteide The eenttel limits. and eateelate the reviaeti ennttel limits. TA B L E '3 E . 2 bar of finnmnl’nrming Swilri'llz'fi Number nf Number uf ‘hmple Nunmnfnrmhlg Sample finnmnl‘flrnfing Ember Sifitches him her Switches 1 I 1 fi 2 12 I} 3 13 d £1: 14 {J 5 15 3 E If: 1 T :1" 15 3 18 2 9 IE! 3 IEII {‘5 ED 1‘] —_——— 7.4. a. princess that pmduees titanium t'nrghigs fnr antenna- bile tttrtmharger Wheels is to be euntmlled Iihmugh use tif e freshen neuennfnrming chart. Initially. une sample tif site ISU is taken eaeh day fer twenty days. ant] the results shuwn in Table TEA are obsessed. ta) Eatahlish a control nests in metiitnr filtttrt: pm ductinn- {a} What is the smallest sample size that enulti be used fer Unis prt-Cess am] still give a pnsitiue lnwer annual limit an The chart? I Tilt B L E 1" E .4 Hnnnnnfnrming Unit Hutu fer Exercise "M Nuneunfnrming Huumnfflmfing Day Units: Day Units i 3 i 1 2 1 1 12 4 E'- 4 l? I 4- 2 l4 3 5 .‘i 15 +5 6 2 16 Cl 3' 1 1'." 1 R 1 13 2 5' III Ill 3 1 El 51 20 2 Eli. AICflmPfll'l‘j? purchases at tunal] metal hraeitet in ena- taltters Inf SENSE} aaeh- ’Iien tnntainets have arrived at the naluading Iaeiiit'y, and 251'} hraeltets are selected at rantlurn from each cnnistinet. The fraetien nnnenn— fnrttting in each sample are (1, i1 Li. flflfld, DIME. ilfilil. ilflflsl. ll. [1. and {11113. Be the data frnni this shipment indicate statistical t-nntrni'.J 1.1]. A semi-til ehart fer the frantittn nnnsnnl'emiing is a} he established using :1 Cantu: line at“; -_ CL “1 Wha sample size is required iF we wish tn detect a shift in the ptiJeess fi'aetiun nnncnnl'arming 1n t'LEt'J with pmhttbiljty i159? ...
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hw5 - I TABLE EE.23 Purity Ham fm literelee fut-2 Hatch...

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