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S I M O N F R A S E R U N I V E R S I T Y T H I N K I N G O F T H E W O R L D PSYC 100 – E100 Fall 2010 Term Assignments Rationale Psychology relies on a variety of research methods in order to come to a better understanding of behaviour and other phenomena. Most research methods can be classified either as experiments or as non-experimental designs and it is important for students of psychology to be able to clearly differentiate which type of a design is being used in any specific study. As such, one goal of the term assignments is for you to be able to find different studies relating to a specific topic and identify which type of research method the study uses to address the questions of interest. In addition, reading and interpreting published research are important skills that all scientists must develop. The term assignments for this course will allow you to demonstrate that you can read, summarize and interpret research literature related to one specific topic within the scope covered in Psychology 100. The written assignments must be completed entirely by you alone. Assignment #1 (2% of final grade) You will be assigned a specific topic relevant to the PSYC100 curriculum and using PsycINFO® (an abstract database that provides coverage of the psychological literature from the 1800s to the present) you will find two empirical, peer-reviewed research articles. One of these articles must be based on a true experiment while the other article must be based on a non- experimental study of that same topic. [In addition, to ensure that not everyone uses the same articles, there will be further constraints on the articles including limiting them to a specific range of publication dates and requiring that at least one author of the article have a last name starting with a range of specific initials.] Students will be able to find their specific topic [with related restrictions] on their MyGrades page on WebCT by the end of the third week of classes.
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