hum_130_appendix_h - Nature of God There is only ONE God...

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Associate Level Material Appendix H Monotheistic Religion Elements Matrix Judaism Christianity Islam Countries of origin Originated in the Middle East close to where Christianity began. Originated within Israel in 33 A.D Originated in Saudi Arabia Historical figures and events A nomadic figure named Abraham who was promised by God that he would father many nations. Moses who was born Jewish raised Egyptian then freed the Jews from bondage in Egypt The birth and crucifixion of the son of God-Jesus Christ who was sent to take the burden of man upon his shoulders The Prophet Mohammed was revealed the truth of God to him by an angel and sent forth to teach what God has revealed to him. Central beliefs Abraham was the first individual to announce that there is only one God. God sent his only son to earth Jesus to be born of a virgin who would die for the sins of all mankind. Mohammed believed that God sent the Angel to him so that he could teach his ways to many in his name
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Unformatted text preview: Nature of God There is only ONE God. Instead of many Gods as other religions worshipped God is the creator of the heavens and the Earth and everything that resides there in. Only one nature of God in which he needed people to sacrifice in order to be forgiven HUM 130 Texts Torah Bible Quran Ritual and practice Circumsions for the boys after birth Following the teaching and ways in which Jesus lived also for Christians to be baptized with water. Prayers facing towards the East as well as various fasting practices and holy ceremonies Ethics and morality Source for Jewish morals and ethic norms is the system of rabbinical law, follows codes of law. The systematic study of the way of life that was set by Jesus Christ applied to the daily demands and decisions of human existance Believers must win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers, must abstain from the ways of the world which are not of God. HUM 130...
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hum_130_appendix_h - Nature of God There is only ONE God...

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