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xbis219_appendix_e - financial side however Lisa and Ruben...

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Associate Level Material Appendix E Club IT, Part 3 Lisa and Ruben look forward to the time when they can get useful and timely numbers on Club IT operations. Quantities and costs for food and beverage operations, payroll, concert events, and marketing campaigns are difficult to compile with their current information systems. They realize they must first implement a transaction processing system (TPS) before they can expect to receive high-quality data from an MIS (management information system). Thanks to your creative work on information analysis so far, Lisa asks you to research and prepare a presentation on organizational information systems at Club IT. From an outsider’s perspective, Club IT seems very successful to you. The club is busy in the evenings, the people are eating, drinking, and having fun, and the staff is very congenial and hard-working. On the
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Unformatted text preview: financial side, however, Lisa and Ruben would like to see the business earn more profits and possibly open a second Club IT. Based on your studies in school, you feel you have insight into some tools that can help Lisa and Ruben make these improvements. Over the last few months of your internship at Club IT, you have learned much about the nightclub business and opportunities for Club IT to improve its information technology capabilities. Ruben and Lisa have asked you to meet with them next week and give them your assessment of their current information systems and a recommendation on how to upgrade and improve their information management capabilities. You have some definite ideas on how IT could be improved at Club IT, and you also realize it takes thorough analysis and planning to be successful....
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