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flyer_toy design(revised_v2)

flyer_toy design(revised_v2) - Electronic Knowledge Design...

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Electronic Knowledge & Design Techniques For TOYS A. Basic Knowledge on Electronic Toy Design B. Categories of Toys Understanding Technical terms Electronic Design Mechanical Design Aesthetic Design Introduction to International Standards for Electronic Toys Different Types of Electronic Toys ¾ Interactive ¾ Radio Control ¾ Educational ¾ Robotic C. Features of Electronic Toy Design D. From Concept to Products Product Life Cycle Design Specification Realization of Creative Concepts Aesthetic and Industrial Design Computer-aided Industrial Design Cost reduction techniques Strategies for market success E. Case Studies Basic Control ¾ Sound, motion detection, contact, shock sensor, solar electronics Sound Effect ¾ Music, melody and vocal Radio Control ¾ Vehicle ¾ Boat ¾ Aircraft Microprocessor Control Electronic Educational Toy Interactive toy Educational toy Wireless toy Robotic toy Who Should Attend The course is tailor made for toy designers, engineers or sales executives who wish to enhance their knowledge in electronics and the technical aspects of the development of electronic toys. Those who would like to start their careers in the electronic toy industry are also welcome. Course Objectives This course covers practical electronic knowledge, product design development and the technologies & principles of electronic toy design, aiming to equip participants with the needed knowledge to grasp the most updated technology in the developmental process of electronic toys. Strategies for developing creative toys with cost effectiveness are also introduced. Course Outline Introduction With intensifying market competition for the Hong Kong toy industry recent years, it is essential to add new elements to your products, such as electronic components with sound effects, motion detection and remote control, to meet the market demand for innovative, higher quality products. Electronic knowledge, therefore, has growing importance to the design of toys. In addition, creative concepts coupled with cost-effective awareness allow manufacturers to stay ahead in the market competition. Organizer: Co-organizer:
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About the Speaker Mr Geddy Lee is a lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi) teaching product and toy design engineering. Mr. Lee graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with a Degree in Industrial Design and a Master Degree in Engineering Business Management. Prior to his teaching career, Mr. Lee worked for several international companies and
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flyer_toy design(revised_v2) - Electronic Knowledge Design...

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