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P340:Homework Assignment #9 Due 30 March. 2011 (50 Points total) Please write out complete solutions (not just provide answers) to the following problems. Some refer to the problems in the back of chapters in Baierlein's text. 1. Baierlein 10.7 2. Baierlein 10.8 The Following questions are all taken from Fred. Reif's book "Fundamentals of Statistical and Thermal Physics." There is a copy on reserve in the Swain Library if you wish to consult it. 3. (Reif 5.12) 5.12 The following problem arises when experiments are done ;n solids at high p.ressures. If the pressure is increased by an amount Ap, thi!! being done under cIrcumstances where the sample is thermally insulated and at a sufficiently slow rate that the process can be regarded as qU88i-static, what is the resulting change of t~mperature AT of the sample? If Ap is fairly small, derive an expression for AT m terms of t:.p, the. absolute temperature T of the sample, its specific heat at constant p~essure Cp (m ergs g-l deg- 1 ), its density
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