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Русский 401 Повторение к третьей контрольной работе этот - тот; это сам, самый каждый, всякий, любой никто, ничего (ничто) нечего, не о чём. . ́ ́ друг друга несколько, некоторые 1. I was interested in these books, not in those. 2. You bought the wrong book! We were supposed to buy these. 3. So, this is the book I should have bought? 4. This is the house of the president himself! 5. Did you send yourself the pictures? -Yes, I did it myself! 6. One must learn to be oneself, if one wants to be happy. 7. He ate a whole pizza. After that he was pretty sick. 8. Are you ready for the exam? -Yes, everybody read the whole book. 9. You should call your mother at least once every two weeks. 10. You'll find his books in any good bookstore.
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