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case review sentences

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Русский 401 Повторение падежей 1. We feel sorry for their children. They don't have enough money. 2. Are you looking for your wife? -I don't have a wife, but I'm looking for a wife! 3. My roommate always keeps me from working. -I don't envy you! 4. I always have to (use приходиться) remind him that I'm fed up with his loud music. 5. He's proud of the fact that he has a command of many languages. 6. He said he's grateful to her, but I don't believe him. 7. Were you surprised by anything in Russia? -No, I wasn't surprised by anything. 8. I wish you success and happiness in the New Year! 9. All winter it rained. We never saw any snow at all! 10. We're waiting for better times. -Don't hold your breath! 11. Is he reading your book? -He never reads any books! 12. Did you study Spanish in the university? -No, my mom taught me Spanish at home. 13. This problem is [don't leave 'to be' out; make it formal] the basis of all our work.
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