Test 3 review - 402-conditionals-ever phrases(whoever whatever-transitive motion verbs-prefixes for motion verbs-annulled actions and aspect for

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402 Русский .. готовимсякконтрольной ? Чтостоитповтроять -conditionals - --ever phrases (whoever, whatever. .) -transitive motion verbs ( , , , , , ) носитьнестивозитьвезтиводитьвезти -prefixes for motion verbs -annulled actions and aspect - - for round trips с -active participles ( , ) читающийпрочитавший - : : , чтениевыборизвозможныхтем западныеценностив России национализми , , культура СМИ ЛужковскаяМосква 1. If I had known he didn't speak Russian I wouldn't have gone to Russia with him. 2. Did he say the work was finished? -No, he told us to finish the work! 3. If I have time tomorrow I'll stop by to see granny. 4. If I had time tomorrow I'd stop by to see granny too!
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