Study Guide for Final Overview Exam

Study Guide for Final Overview Exam - Our Time is Up...

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Our Time is Up Nominated for Best Short Live Action Film in 2005 Kevin Pollak plays a clinical psychologist who leads a very mundane, predictable, organized life which is reflected in the way he treats his patients by asking them the stereotypical therapeutic questions Gets a call from an oncologist with bad health news He radically changes his treatments and starts using crazy techniques and blatant honesty with his patients, which it turns out works much better than the typical therapy Examples of treatments: Makes patient with germaphobia and cleanliness obsession sit in a garbage can Makes a man scared of turtles sit and let one crawl towards him Turns the lights off in the office on a patient afraid of the dark By the end of the film, patients are doing much better and the doctor, though still dying, feels much better about being a psychologist Tonto Woman About a woman, Sarah Isham, who is marked with a black tattoo on her face by the Mojave Indians after being kidnapped by Apaches and traded to the Mojaves, then released after 11 years when her husband finds her Her husband is a rich ranch owner, makes her live in a house away from the ranch because he is ashamed of how she looks Film opens with a confession then told in reflection Interesting camera angle in confessional, small window, only see priest Ruben Vega comes upon Sarah’s little house and falls in love with her even though she has the tattoo on her face Sarah’s husband’s henchmen show up to her house and run Ruben off Ruben buys Sarah a nice dress and takes her into town for dinner, but is confronted by her husband and is surrounded by her husband’s men outside Husband only shows interest in bringing her back to the ranch when he sees
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Study Guide for Final Overview Exam - Our Time is Up...

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