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Notes on The Public Enemy

Notes on The Public Enemy - style of life with floozies...

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Notes on The Public Enemy 1. Took place in Chicago 2. James Cagney was the star. 3. Directed by William A. Wellman 4. One of the earliest and best gangster films 5. It was released in 1931 6. Only received one academy award nomination for best screenplay 7. James Cagney’s character Tom Powers was based on a real-life gangster named Earl “Hymie” Weiss 8. Because the film glorified criminal activities like bootlegging and the gangsters high
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Unformatted text preview: style of life with floozies, Hollywood imposed a Production Code to censor films with criminal and sexual subject matter that depicted undesirable social figures or sexual subjects in a sympathetic or realistic way 9. It was shot in less than a month 10. Unlike other gangster films, this one actually looked at the social forces and roots of crime in a serious way....
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