Exam #1 COVERAGE (Ch 1-5, Sup. A) S12(1)

Exam #1 COVERAGE (Ch 1-5, Sup. A) S12(1) - Coverage •...

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L ZIMMER—MGSC 395 Overview 34 questions: o 16 o Calculation & Application problems: 18 Make sure you plan and allocate your time to complete the exam Multiples choice / Scantron Bring calculator, #2 pencil Review: o Available during office hours (12:15 – 1:15 pm MWF, 11:00 – 12:00 TTH) o Available by phone (808-7160) or e-mail ( [email protected] ) anytime between now and exam [Note: please don’t call after ~ 9 pm] See slide examples of problems listed below Also see the solutions to selected end-of-chapter problems for chapters 2 and 5 for additional examples in project management and control charts
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Unformatted text preview: Coverage • Terms, definitions (all covered in class & on slides) [16]: General areas include: o Process strategy overview, internal / external customers & suppliers, order winners & qualifiers, manufacturing layout types, service process types, quality costs, types of control charts / when used, process structure inventory strategies • Problems (all covered in class & on slides) [18]: o Productivity, multi-factor productivity [3] o Breakeven Analysis: cost / volume or cost vs revenue [3] o Project Management: critical path, costs, crashing, crash order [5] o X-bar & R charts, p-Charts or c-Charts [5] o Process Capability (C pk ) [2]...
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