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CRJU 312 Corrections (Fall 2011) Study Guide for Exam #2 Professor Koons-Witt Chapter 5: Probation’s Split Orientation (Humanitarian vs. Law Enforcement) Dual Functions of Probation (Investigation and Supervision) PSI or PreSentence Investigation Report (definition, purpose, recent changes, recommendations/disclosure) Probation Supervision The Officer Role Conflict The Offender The Bureaucracy Probation Conditions (Standard, Punitive, Treatment) Probation Revocation and Termination - new crimes - technical or rules violations - due process Chapter 6: Goals of incarceration (custodial, rehab., reintegration) Race and Gender characteristics of federal and state level inmates Location of prisons Prison classification levels Explanations for Prison Population trends (e.g., increased arrests and more likely incarceration, etc.) SC Department of Corrections information (director, institutions, etc.) Chapter 7:
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Unformatted text preview: Prison Subculture Inmate code Prisonization Pains of Imprisonment (Gresham Sykes) Male vs. Female Prison subcultures Adaptive roles / Role orientations (Doing time, Gleaning, Jailing, and Disorganized Criminal) Prison Programs (benefits, classification and assessment) Prison Industries Rehabilitative Programs Chapter 8: Formal organizations Compliance (Etzioni) Powers of compliance - remunerative- normative- coercive powers Logan’s Confinement Model (five features) Organizational structure (functions of a hierarchical organization) - unity of command- chain of command- span of control Line and staff personnel Inmate balance theory Administrative control theory The administration of prisons (defects of total power, rewards and punishments, exchange relationships) Disciplinary Process and Sanctions Prison Violence (prisoner – prisoner; prisoner – officer; officer – prisoner)...
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