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Chapter 10 _ CRJU 312

Chapter 10 _ CRJU 312 - PART IV Correctional Issues Chapter...

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PART IV Correctional Issues Chapter 10 Reentry into the Community Release from One Part of the System to Another *Most Inmates Eventually Released into Society *Over three-fourths will be on parole *Parole – * Grace or privilege : inmate could be kept in prison, but… * Contract of consent : enters into an agreement with the govt. that in exchange… * Custody : Even if released,… * Number of Adults under Parole Supervision, 1980-2007. The Origins of Parole a. Alexander Maconochie (1787-1860; Norfolk Island Penal Settlement- South Pacific) The Origins of Parole b. Sir Walter Crofton (1815-1897, Irish Penal System) *Four-stage system of release The Origins of Parole *U.S. history *American Reformer, Zebulon Brockway (Elmira Reformatory) Release Mechanisms * Discretionary Release : * Mandatory Release:
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* Probation Release: * Reinstatement Release : * Expiration Release : The Decision to Release *Procedure *Eligibility for parole board appearance is typically a function of the sentence, statutory criteria, and inmate’s conduct will in prison. Parole Board (releasing authority) *In many states, the parole board is part of the dept. of corrections. * In theory, … * In South Carolina…. * P arole provides community supervision to offenders released by the State Board of Paroles and Pardons to finish serving their sentences outside of prison, subject to certain conditions. Offenders are classified based on their need for services and risk of committing new offenses. Offenders on parole must pay a supervision fee based on a sliding scale determined by monthly income.
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