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Chapter 4 _ CRJU 312 - 1 Chapter 4 Chapter Probation&...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Chapter 4: Chapter Probation & Intermediate Sanctions Probation Standard Probation: The least restrictive and most common of the correctional alternatives ... The least History of Probation *John AugustusJohn *Stand Bail (1841) *MA (1878) became the first... Development of Probation *Judicial ReprieveJudicial *Recognizance- a formally recorded obligation to ... Modern Probation *As of 1957 – As *During its development... *John Augustus and followers championed a humanitarian focus, whereas the early probation officers usually came from the law enforcement field. *1970’s – *Minimize the likelihood of... *Tighter controls... Recent Statistics (2009) *4.2 million people... 4.2 people *84% of those... *States with largest probation population: Number: Rate: *TX 428,014 2,361 *GA 389,901 5,385 *CA 325,069 1,126 ** SC 40,621 1,133 1,799 probationers per 100,000 adult U.S. residents *Males ( %) *White ( %); Black ( %) *Felony offense ( %) *Violent ( %); Property ( %); Drug ( (2009) %) Intermediate Sanctions *Punishment options that are more... * * * What is the rationale for using What intermediate sanctions? intermediate Continuum of Sanctions A range of correctional options that vary... 3 Continuum of Sanctions Fine Fine House Arrest Boot Camps |----------------------|--------------|-------------|-----------------|-----------|---------------------| Traditional ISP EM Prison Probation *Intrusiveness/ control... *Movement depends on... *Provides flexibility with... Principle of Interchangeability The concept that different forms of... *Three types of “nets”: Concerns with Intermediate Sanctions Concerns * Wider nets: increase the proportion of people... Wider increase * Stronger Nets: reforms add to the state’s capacity... Stronger reforms * Different Nets: Reforms create new jurisdictional... Different Reforms Intermediate Sanctions- Financial Options *Fines: financial penalty typically used in combination with another type of intermediate sanction. sanction. *Day Fines: *Forfeiture: the seizure of the offender’s illegally used or acquired property or assets. Restitution: Compensation for... Community Service: Compensation for injury... Community Compensation Sanctions administered in community: Day Reporting Centers: Non-residential locations/facilities at which offenders must appear ... Intensive Supervision Programs (ISP): Emphasizes offender control and surveillance by using ... Home Confinement (House Arrest) 5 Electronic Monitoring: Probation supervision ordinarily combined with home confinement, which uses electronic devices to maintain surveillance on offenders. electronic Those administered in institutions and the community Shock Incarceration: A short period of incarceration followed by a sentence reduction. short * Boot Camps Support for Boot Camps? *A sanction that retains the punitive orientation ... *The punitive character of BCs has the potential ... *BCs are generally designed for... *BC environment is intended to... *BC are less expensive since... *Helps address... *Evaluations of Intermediate Sanctions *Effective in meeting their goals? * * *Why are there more failures? *Are the appropriate offenders being targeted for intermediate sanctions? *In Practice….? *Offenders’ perceptions of Intermediate sanctions? ...
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