Chapter 3_CRJU 312

Chapter 3_CRJU 312 - *Temporarily detain juveniles...

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Chapter 3: Jails- Corrections at the Local Level The Contemporary Jail The Entryway to Corrections: History *England *19 th Century began to change during the penitentiary movement *Philadelphia’s Walnut St. Jail –MODEL Latest Statistics for Jails Midyear 2010: ~2,800 jails *86% of jail… *748,728 jail inmates *40% of those detained were… *88% *44% ; 38% ; 16% Latest Statistics for Jails *From midyear 2009 and midyear 2010, the nation’s jail capacity increased by 17,000 beds, while the number of inmates decreased by almost 19,000. *Confined inmate population declined by… *Population decline was mostly concentrated … Administration: *Mostly at the local level ~ *Capacities of jails… *Overcrowding at the state level impacts… *Fee system and incentives for law enforcement
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* Regional Jails *Multi-jurisdictional jails or regional jails were… *Reduced the number of… Jail Functions *Receive individuals pending… *Readmit probation, parole, and bail-bond violators…
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Unformatted text preview: *Temporarily detain juveniles pending… Jail Functions *Hold inmates awaiting… *House inmates for Federal, State, or other authorities *House inmates for Federal, State, or other authorities that…. Jail Functions *Hold witnesses… *Hold mentally ill persons… *House short-term… Pretrial Detention * Special Problems of Detainees The Bail Problem and Alternatives * Bail: * Release on Recognizance (ROR): * Pretrial Diversion: The use of an alternative to the adjudication process whereby the person is never formally processed through the CJ system (e.g., drug treatment, job program) *Many offenders cannot be effectively managed through the cj system *Stigma attached to formal criminal labeling works against REHAB *Diversion is cheaper than cj processing * Preventive Detention Issues in Jail Management * Legal Liability * Jail Standards * Personnel Matters * Jail Crowding...
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Chapter 3_CRJU 312 - *Temporarily detain juveniles...

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