thea104 study guide - Theatre Review 02:01 Key Questions:...

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Unformatted text preview: Theatre Review 02:01 Key Questions: What is the relationship between being human, childhood, telling stories, and theatre? Where did theatre and where does theatre come from? How do we go about experiencing and appreciating theatre? What does theatre offer us in the twenty-first century? How do stage directions work? What are the six main steps of dramatic structure? Introduction Inciting Incident things get started Rising Action needs to escalate Crisis Critical point Situation has to change Should be as close as possible to climax Climax Tension vs. stress Sexy/tasty vs. Scary/problematic Resolution What are the six genres of theatre? 1. Tragedy We are born to die Cathartic, feelings of pity and fear balanced Something bad happens and is owned by the person who does it 2. Melodrama Oh, Woe is me Same as tragedy but things get accounted for outside of the self Good vs. bad characters clearly defined This is classification of most TV drama Law and Order Sometimes a good ending, sometimes a bad ending 3. Comedy We will survive Laughter is the byproduct not the purpose High comedy - comedy of manners Domestic (a lot of TV shows) Friends, King of Queens Low comedy dirty comedy 4. Farce We will rebel! Unbelievable things happen; cartoonish Comedy vs. farce: Simpsons vs. Family Guy Farce unbelievable things happen and nobody is bothered by this Family Guy dog and baby talk 5. Tragic Comedy Hope springs eternal. (20 th century idea) Positive or negative depends on perspective Waiting for Godot : Does it reveal hope or fear?...
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thea104 study guide - Theatre Review 02:01 Key Questions:...

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