Midterm+study+guide - Advanced Neurophysiology (NSCI 627)...

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Advanced Neurophysiology (NSCI 627) Spring, 2012 Midterm Study Guide Course Introduction, Chapter 1 List and explain a few differences between graded potentials and action potentials Structure of ion channels and ionic currents Channel selectivity Channels fluctuate between open and closed states, probabilistic Modes of activation of channels Ion movement through ion channels is passive, in response to concentration and electrical gradients Nernst equation and equilibrium potentials Driving force on an ion Conductance of a channel Features of the nAChR Common features of all voltage-gated channels Ion selectivity of v-gated channels Voltage sensor of v-gated channels Inactivation of v-gated channels Ionic Basis of the Resting Potential, Chapter 6 Concentrations of K+, Na+ and Cl- inside and outside of the membrane Permeability of the membrane to K+, Na+ and Cl- Sodium-Potassium exchange pump role in maintaining the resting potential Ionic Basis of the Action Potential, Chapter 7
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Midterm+study+guide - Advanced Neurophysiology (NSCI 627)...

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