Psy320+Test2+Checklist - Chapter 4 KEY TERMS...

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Chapter 4 Checklist Study Guide KEY TERMS MORE KEY TERMS psychopharmacology morphine drug heroin exogenous locus coeruleus sites of action axonal varicosity pharmacokinetics serotonin (5-HT) IV injection, IP, IM SC flouxetine oral, sublingual, intrarectal administration LSD inhalation MDMA topical, intracerebral, ICV administration glutamate depot binding NMDA receptor albumin AMPA / AMPA receptor dose response curve kainate receptor therapeutic index metabolic glutamate receptor affinity AP5 tolerance PCP sensitization GABA withdrawal symptoms muscimol placebo kainic acid antagonist benzodiazepine agonist anxiolytic direct / indirect agonist glycine receptor blocker strychnine direct / indirect antagonist endogenous opioid noncompetitive binding enkephalin presynaptic heteroreceptor naloxone acetylcholine (Ach) endocannabinoid the suffix ergic (dopaminergic etc. .) THC Acetyl-CoA anandamide ChAT FAAH botulinum toxin adenosine black widow spider venum caffeine botox treatment nitric oxide / nitric oxide synthase nicotine sildenfil nicotinic receptor atropine curare KEY CONCEPTS / BIG PICTURE muscarinic receptor Factors associated with drug distribution, inactivation, and effectiveness monomine Sites of drug action and effects on synaptic transimission catecholamine Fig 4.5 antagonist and agonist examples dopamine Neurotransmitters and neuromodulators: types, properties, functions L-Dopa Drugs associated neurotransmitters and their effects tyrosine Table 4.4 : only responsible for drugs listed in checklist nigrostriatal system mesolimbic system mesocortical system Parkinson's disease substantia nigra amphetamine reserpine cocaine methylphenidate MAO chlorpromazine norepinephrine / epinephrine fusaric acid
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Psy320+Test2+Checklist - Chapter 4 KEY TERMS...

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