alternate exam 1 review

alternate exam 1 review - Theatre Exam 1-Relationship...

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Theatre Exam 1 -Relationship between being human, childhood, telling stories, and theatre Always Acting -Where did theatre and where does theatre come from? Been around forever, over 2500 years. Comes from everywhere -How do we go about experiencing and appreciating theatre? Meaning can take place in audiences mind. Experience happens somewhere in between the stage and the audience. -What does theatre offer us in the 21 st century? Live entertainment -How do stage directions work? Upstage Right Upstage Center Upstage Left Stage Right Stage Center Stage Left Downstage Right Downstage Center Downstage Left (Audience) Downstage – front of stage; upstage – back of stage Right and left – from actor’s perspective -What are thesix main steps of dramatic structure? Determines general shape of all plots. Intro, Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Crisis, Climax, Resolution -What are the six genres of theatre? Genre determines specific events. Tragedy “We are born to die”, Melodrama “Oh, Woe is me”, Comedy “We will survive”, Farce “We will rebel”, Tragic Comedy “Hope Springs Eternal”, Romance “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Transformation) -What are Aristotle’s Three Unities? Action (is constant), Time, Place -What are Aristotle’s six elements of theatre? Plot or story (most important), Characters, Theme (point of play), Diction, Music, Spectacle (Least important) -What are the major differences between Greek and Roman theatres? Romans use free standing buildings. Circus Maximus-Roman Parthenon- Greek -What happened to theatre during the middle ages? No theatres were buily for nearly 1000 years. Rome fell apart because of barbarians, Christianity, and no administrative structure. Christianity- church opposed theatre (evil characters/ sexual content/ immorality) -What lead to the Renaissance and what happened to theatre in this period? Renaissance means rebirth, Christianity started to decline. Theatre came back. Rise of
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alternate exam 1 review - Theatre Exam 1-Relationship...

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