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Gene combiinatiion gene comb nat on prrvg p v g

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Unformatted text preview: rvg p vg p vg +vg//prrvg +vg p vg prr+//prrvg p + p vg NUMBER OF FLIIES NUMBER OF FL ES 2876 2876 2433 2433 270 270 270 270 5849 5849 TYPE OF DROSOPHIILA TYPE OF DROSOPH LA WIILD--TYPE W LD TYPE PURPLE VESTIIGIIAL PURPLE VEST G AL VESTIIGIIAL VEST G AL PURPLE PURPLE Notte:: Allttthough crrosssoverr off non-siistter chromattiids (chiiasma)) iis observed durriing sperrmattogenessiis iin malle N o e: A h ough c o s sove of n on- s s e r c hro ma ds ( ch a sma s obser ved d u n g spe m a oge ne i s n ma e n c o a e d m m Drrosophiilla,,, acttuall crossiing overr orr rrecombiinattiion does nott occurr. Forr tthiiss rreasson,,, mallles arre alllways ussed o sop h a ac u a cross n g ove o e com b na on does no o ccur. For h re aso n m a es a e a w ay s u e d D o ac ve e o na m a w e as tthe "ttester" iin a ttesstt crosss.. a s h e " ester " n a e t crosss h " er o March 19, 2012 BIS101001, Spring 2012--Genes and Gene Expression, R.L. Rodriguez 2012 19 Mapping Genes on Chro...
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