HCR 240 week 4 assignment - As we know a case consists of...

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Assignment: Creating a new case Pg. 169 Question 3 It cannot be said that if a person is going regularly for medical check-up then he may not need to be hospitalized though, it happens usually as; if a person consumes proper diet, follows the advice of doctor as well as takes vaccination for insulin (hormone secreted by Pancreas, deficiency of which is responsible for high-sugar level as; it takes part in storage of glucose in the form of glycogen in liver, muscles etc. and thus, controls its level) then, in most of the cases his blood sugar level should remain controlled. But, there are several reasons which could lead towards the instantaneous inclination in the level of blood sugar. For instance; carbohydrate rich diet and stress. If this increment occurs in a significant manner then, it may pose threat to patient’s life. So, he might need to be admitted so that, via proper care his health could be improved. Pg. 170 Question 6
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Unformatted text preview: As we know a case consists of grouping of information related to various visits to doctor, it is definitely going to be changed whenever the associated conditions or associated data changes. Since a change in insurance carrier comes within the above condition like provider change, location of procedure, a new case has to be prepared for this incident and case. Even though this is the normal and preferred way of working, there are exceptions to this rule as well. In case where all other variables remain the same and just a change in insurance carrier is being made, a change in case may not be forced. In such a possibility we just simply change the existing files to reflect this insurance carrier change. Out of the two approaches it cannot be said as to which one is better or popular as both are preferred approach and both are popular as well as applied. Personal tab Account tab Policy 1 tab...
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HCR 240 week 4 assignment - As we know a case consists of...

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