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Living Old - when their bodies have already given up The...

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Joel Diaz Living Old Living old is a film about how in our aging society, the number of elderly people are increasing, and surpassing the numbers of doctors and nurses who can care for them. Many elderly people are suffering from chronic diseases. It goes on to explain the importance of family, especially since they can take care of them. Some people don’t have families, and might have to go to nursing homes. The elderly want to die “good deaths,” and want doctors and families to provide them with it. Some doctors have to also decide when enough is enough, because some elderly people continue getting treatment
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Unformatted text preview: when their bodies have already given up. The predicament of there being an increasing amount of new elderly people is something people should be aware about. Some people continue seeking treatment when their bodies have already given up. I personally believe people should die a natural death, instead of being kept alive until a “medical catastrophe,” or something that medically goes wrong, occurs for them to die. This video is definitely eye opening for those whom have no seen it as a problem....
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