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Joel Diaz ENC 1101 – MWF/12:20pm-1:10pm McLawhorn Nov.23, 2009 Persuasive Essay Mp3 Players Introduction Identifying the issue With the creation of mp3 players, life for the common listener has become more comfortable. Now able to carry a vast amount of music around in their pockets, people have access to a seemingly infinite archive of their favorite songs, wherever they are located. Reason one Mp3 players are getting more compact, and easy to carry. People no longer have to deal with carrying around cds, or bulky cd players, or having to buy batteries for them. Mp3 players now are rechargeable, and can be as small as a cell phone.
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Unformatted text preview: Reason two Mp3 players can also hold a substantially larger amount of songs than a cd. Also, people have access to a vast variety of music thanks to file sharing over the Internet. People can download a song with a click of a button, and then can easily put it into their mp3 player. Reason three Some mp3 players have gotten so advanced that they include videos, games, and can connect wirelessly online. This allows the person not just to be entertained by music, but also with movies and tv shows, as well as video games. Conclusion...
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