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Persuasive essay - audiences that were once hard to obtain...

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Joel Diaz ENC 1101 – MWF/12:20pm-1:10pm McLawhorn Nov.23, 2009 Persuasive Essay File Sharing Introduction Identifying the issue File sharing has many benefits to it. It has made life more comfortable, and made information much more easily to obtain. Through programs like Limewire, and AIM, as well as websites like Youtube, and Pirate Bay, files can now be shared between friends, family, or strangers. Reason one One positive aspect of file sharing is that a vast variety of music is now available online. Music can be downloaded through websites or programs that share files. Mp3 players can now be stuffed full of music, without paying a single cent. Music can reach
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Unformatted text preview: audiences that were once hard to obtain. Reason two Another positive aspect is that documents and photos can now be shared with a click of a button. Pictures from a family vacation can now be uploaded onto a computer and shared through programs like AIM. They could also be uploaded on your own personal website for your all your friends and family to view. Reason three Movies, tv shows, and other videos can now be watched, downloaded, or uploaded on websites, for the users convenience. Conclusion...
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