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Joel Diaz ENC 1101 – MWF/12:20-1:10 11/4/09 McLawhorn Research Essay Enjoying a Safe and Comfortable Car Ride to Miami Before going to school in Tallahassee, I had to do many eight-hour car rides. I had to go check out the schools, look for an apartment, go to orientation, and finally move in. Many of these car rides ended up being frustrating, boring, and uncomfortable. The night before I had to drive to Tallahassee to move into my apartment, I ended up staying awake till six in the morning, and then I had to drive eight-hours by myself, trying my best to stay awake. Another time, when my friend and I had to go up to look for an apartment, there was nothing on the radio, and all we had was a single CD that we had to play over and over again. It got to the point that we ended up having to drive without music because of how annoying it was. There are three main principles to enjoying a safe and comfortable car ride to Miami; the first being preparing the car for the long distance drive. According to Gary Galick of Valvoline Instant Oil Change, “simple preventive measures, such as having the oil changed, properly inflating the tires and checking the cooling system, can prevent unnecessary breakdowns that can ruin a vacation” (“How to Prepare for A Road Trip”). The car should be checked days before the trip, just in
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case there is something that needs to be fixed. When preparing the vehicle, one
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Research essay - Joel Diaz ENC 1101 MWF/12:20-1:10...

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