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Joel Diaz ENC 1101 – MWF/12:20-1:10 10/23/09 McLawhorn 1. According to Gary Galick of Valvoline Instant Oil Change, “imple preventive measures, such as having the oil changed, properly inflating the tires and checking the cooling system, can prevent unnecessary breakdowns that can ruin a vacation” (“How to Prepare for A Road Trip”). 2. Galick states, “check the tires for proper inflation pressure, as under-inflated tires consume more energy” (“How to Prepare for A Road Trip”). The less energy you use, the more gas and money you save. 3. You must also check your cooling system. “A common cause for automobile breakdowns is due to a Coolant System Failure”, states Ken Snoeberger, the
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Unformatted text preview: Owner and Cofounder of XpectMore AutoMotive, “… An over heated engine is one of the worst problems for your vehicle”. 4. Putting your car on cruise control will help you relax as well. According to Jim MacPherson, car-care expert and automotive radio host for WTIC-AM in Connecticut, “Cruise control smoothes surges in acceleration and places the driver’s view on the road ahead, as opposed to responding to every shift in traffic around them” (Quann). Cruise control helps stay on the speed limit, as well as more focused attention on the road....
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