Term paper2 - Joel Diaz Anxiety and Drinking to Cope...

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Joel Diaz Anxiety and Drinking to Cope Anxiety is a mental distress caused by feelings of fear or danger that may be irrational. Jean M. Twenge (2000, p. 1008-1009) states three theories on the origin of anxiety: overall threat, economic conditions, and social connectedness. Overall threat is the physical or psychological threat that evokes an emotional response. Economic conditions are thought to be associated with an increase in anxiety when economic difficulties increase. This means that as people begin to feel more stressed due economic conditions, their tendency to display anxious behavior or have feelings of anxiety becomes higher. Social connectedness is an important role, with social exclusion being a crucial reason that anxiety may be felt. Researchers investigated the sensitivity of a test, derived from the Stroop Color- Word test, in identifying individuals who reported consuming alcohol in order to cope with social anxiety (Carrigan, Drobes & Randall, 2004, p. 374). The test consists of a word, which is presented as a text, this text is then put in a certain color, and the participant has to press the button of that corresponding color. The researchers chose words that had to deal with social anxiety as well as alcohol, and also blended in neutral words. The words having to do with social anxiety and alcohol should trigger longer response latency to the color of the text, meaning it would take the participants longer to
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Term paper2 - Joel Diaz Anxiety and Drinking to Cope...

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