video cameras - Joel Diaz ENC 1101 MWF/12:20pm-1:10pm...

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Joel Diaz ENC 1101 – MWF/12:20pm-1:10pm McLawhorn Nov. 23, 2009 Persuasive Essay Video Cameras Kung Fu movies have been around me all my life. Having a Chinese mother, I was exposed to these types of films. This was the spawn of my interest in film and cinematography. This curiosity carried over from middle school through high school when I took Film I and II. Before this, I only thought about the acting and writing that goes behind film and screenplay. However, after completing those courses, I had an interest in being part of a film crew. These crews deal with lighting and sound engineering, but most importantly, they deal with what captures it all – the video camera. Video cameras have benefitted society with its use in documenting important events, keeping watch to maintain areas safe, and providing entertainment with film and television shows. It can be found almost everywhere, from digital cameras that record videos, to stores with surveillance cameras. They can be found at some street corners, and in some schools. This brilliant invention has done much more good than harm to humanity.
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video cameras - Joel Diaz ENC 1101 MWF/12:20pm-1:10pm...

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