Racial Inequality - Racial Inequality Does Racism Still...

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Unformatted text preview: Racial Inequality Does Racism Still Exist? Does Being Black Matter? How does a criminal record affect blacks vs. whites? - 40% less likely to get called back by an employer- Without a record: 50% less likely to get called back than a white person. Name Vignette Studies Racial Inequality Scholars argue that racial inequality has been structured through systematic barriers, institutionalized in American society (Oliver and Shapiro). Institutional Racism Defined. Ex. Racial Profiling Wealth disparities of blacks While black middle classers earn _70_cents to every dollar that white middle classers earn Black middle classers have _15__ cents for every dollar of wealth that whites have. In 1990, Blacks held only _1%__of the wealth in the U.S. Cumulative Disadvantage Which is more important, race or class? The Ghetto What is a ghetto? 40% of residents live at poverty level Several ethnic and racial groups who have been relegated to the ghetto Todays Ghetto includes who? - blacks Joblessness in the ghetto Why do you choose to live in the ghetto? Residential Segregation housing patterns can be observed where people live in areas divided along class or ethnic lines Residential Segregation A white construction Ghettos did not just appear, but they were created by whites to keep blacks out of their neighborhoods whites denying blacks access to urban housing markets and excluding them from white neighborhoods. Segregation Practices Restrictive covenants and deed restriction Redlining by banks and insurance companies Panic peddling by real estate agents Government sponsored mortgage programs Residential Segregation Still Exists Today Despite the fair housing act of 1968, segregation is perpetuated today thru and interlocking set of individual actions, institutional practices, and government policies. Examples of Segregation Practices Home Purchase A real estate agent in Washington D.C. told the white tester that, legally, she could not steer people, but that she did not think the tester would want to live in Mt. Pleasant or Brightwood because they were fringe areas and could be rough The agent told the tester to drive through and he would see why he would not want to live there. Examples of Segregation Practices In McLean, Virginia, a Latino tester was required to give his social security number so the agency could investigate his credit before showing him any homes. When he refused, the broker came in and explained that it was the agents first day on the job so she may have been rude in her approachbut that the tester still needed to be pre-qualified. The previous day the white tester had met with that same agent and he was shown three homes without any mention of pre-qualification....
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Racial Inequality - Racial Inequality Does Racism Still...

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