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Social final - Crime True or False 1.The U.S is the ONLY...

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Crime: True or False? 1.The U.S. is the ONLY industrialized country to use the death penalty 2.The U.S. has the HIGHEST incarceration rate in the world. 3. Women are more likely than men to commit violent crimes U.S. attitudes toward crime •Crime and Punishment •Rehabilitation? •Death penalty Crime stats •Almost everyone will be a victim of crime at some point in their lifetime •Violent Crime Statistics – How common is it? Types of Crimes and Criminals Violent Personal Crimes - »Assault - »Robbery - »Various types of homicide Criminal homicide •Murder rate is higher in large metropolitan areas •Murder rate is higher in the South than in other regions of the country •Most murderers are male •Most murderers are young, between the ages of 17 and 34 •Most victims of homicide are young •Murder is an intra-racial crime •Most murders are committed by someone a person knows - »Family member - »Friend - »Acquaintance Property Crimes •Types of occasional property crimes - »Vandalism - »Check forgery - »Shoplifting - »Some types of auto theft - joy riding Unequal Distribution of Victimization •Highest rates of victimizations: males, young, minorities, poor •Examples: 18x higher for those under 19 •2.3X higher for the poorest than the richest •1.5x higher for males than females •1.4x higher for Blacks than Whites •1.2x higher for Hispanics than Whites
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Who perpetrates? •Men and women both commit property crime equally •Men commit 82% of violent crimes •Young adults accounted for over 44 percent of arrests in 2005 •Whites represent 69% of all arrests •Blacks represent 29% Race and Crime •In actual numbers, most arrests involve whites, but proportionally, Blacks are more likely to arrested than whites •Blacks are 7x more likely to spend time in jail •1/3 of black men in their 20’s have either been in jail or on probation Why do Blacks have higher crime rates? Punishment •Retribution- an eye for an eye •Deterrence – using punishment to discourage further crime - Pain of punishment outweighs the pleasure of the offense •Rehabilitation – reforming an offender to prevent future offenses •Societal Protection – protecting the public by rendering an offender incapable of further offenses by incarcerating or execution Prison Problems in U.S. •Training Ground •Danger and Crime •Overcrowding •Violence •Recidivism Rehabilitation? •Is it likely in our system? •Problems of overcrowding •Mental Illness •over 50% of those in state prisons, 45% in federal prisons, and 64% in local jails have some kind of mental health problem Alternatives to Prison •We believe Criminals need to be in prison. •Israel Work Group •How effective are they? Family connections while behind bars •What are ways a prisoner can stay connected to family while incarcerated?
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