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10-7-10 V. Typical Dad vs. Mom interactions with baby A. Moms: more time, more care-taking Dads: larger proportion of time in play D: play more physical, rough and tumble (sons), less predictable (not all dads play physical) B. When baby tired, sick, afraid: goes to Mom; When baby wants play: Dad C. If Dad primary caretaker; If baby stressed: goes to either/ Wants play: Dad VI. Development of Emotions: A. Expression of emotions 1. Between 1 & 9 months, infants express interest, joy, sadness, anger, surprise ~7-9 months fear and shyness 2. Jealousy 1 year 3. Pride, shame, guilt, embarrassment, contempt: begin ~2-3 years; understand 9-10 years Involve evaluating self or others by standards (easy-difficult; right-wrong, responsibility) Secondary emotions 4. Sex differences: Which infants express more emotion (positive and
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Unformatted text preview: negative), cry more when frustrated and take longer to soothe? Boys Why does it change over time? Parents may react differently to emotions expressed by girls vs. boys. B. Control of one’s Emotion 1. Initially reflexive (put thumb in mouth) 2. 6-12 months, when stressed, intentionally look away, cover face, or try to distract with play 3. Between 1 and 2 years, learn to express less intense emotion. 4. 8-10 years – able to exert strong control over emotions C. Recognition of Emotion in others 1. During first 6 months, infants recognize positive emotions more than negative emotions.-Adaptive: young infants don’t have good coping skills 2. Not until 2-3 years: good at recognizing most primary emotions Recognizing harder than expressing 3. 9-10 years: understand secondary emotions...
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