11-4-10 & 11-9-10

11-4-10 & 11-9-10 - 11-4-10FamilyI.Styles of parenting...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-4-10FamilyI.Styles of parenting during childhood and adolescenceA. 2 separate dimensions: emotionality and control1.Emotionality (Responsiveness)-High: warm, loving, responsive to desires of child, “child-centered”-Low: cold, rejecting, unresponsive, “parent-entered”2.Control (how much control parents exert)-High: set clear rules, discipline when rules broken, don’t tolerate unacceptable or immature behavior, hold high standards; monitor child’s behavior, -Low: don’t set clear rules, lack of or inconsistent discipline, allow child to express impulsesB. Parent style based on combined dimensionsWarm, ResponsiveCold, UnresponsiveHigh ControlAuthoritativeAuthoritarianLow ControlPermissive/ IndulgentUninvolved/ NeglectingC. Child outcomes that are likely with each parenting style1.Conflicted- irritable: anxious, low self concept, don’t feel in control of life --- look to others for approval and what to do, vulnerable to stress-Authoritarian2.Impulsive-aggressive: non-compliant, low achievement, impulsive and aggressive (usually not severe delinquent)...
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11-4-10 & 11-9-10 - 11-4-10FamilyI.Styles of parenting...

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