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child syllabus, Fall 2010 - CHILD PSYCHOLOGY: DEP 3103-03...

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CHILD PSYCHOLOGY: DEP 3103-03 Fall 2010 Instructor : Dr. Barbara Licht (pronounced Light) Meetings: Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:45 to 3:15, and by appointment. Please do not hesitate to ask for an appointment if my office hours do not work for you. Office : B331 PDB : 644-6272; [email protected] TA : Timothy Wright: [email protected] Required Text : Child Psychology: A Contemporary Viewpoint, Seventh Edition, 2009 . By R.D. Parke and M. Gauvain Prerequisites: Successful completion of General Psychology. Those who have not completed General Psych. are expected to have a difficult time with some of the material. Course Requirements : There will be 4 required exams that cover material from both lectures and text. All exams are multiple choice and are non-cumulative. The material covered in class is tested in detail on the exams. You are expected to understand and apply concepts, and you also are expected to commit to memory the specific facts presented (e.g., definitions of terms, specific ages when childhood developments occur, etc.). The material from the text that is not mentioned in class also will be covered, but to a lesser extent. Each exam is worth 100 points and reflects the percentage of items that you got correct. Thus, your final grade in this course will be based on the percent of points out of 400 that you earned . I use . I also give minuses and plusses. For example, 90% is an A-, and 89% is a B+. Suppose you earned 352 points (including your extra credit points), you would divide 352 by 400 and get 88%, which would be a B. If unusual circumstances prevent you from taking a regularly scheduled exam, you should notify me right away to arrange a make-up exam. When you take the make-up exam, bring documentation of the reason for missing the exam (e.g., doctor’s excuse, police report of car accident). If you do not have documentation, contact me to discuss this. I understand that you may not have a doctor’s excuse even though you are too sick to come to class. Please do not come to class if you are sick. But contact me as soon as possible if you miss an exam. If you know in advance that you will miss an
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child syllabus, Fall 2010 - CHILD PSYCHOLOGY: DEP 3103-03...

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