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Unformatted text preview: 8-31-10 "Race" - What is race? The social construction of difference based on appearance - What is ethnicity? Cultural differences - Race = ethnicity? Nope - "Identity" social classes - Colonial Period o Calidad "quality" equivalent to race Cofradias Cabildos Organized people Can be put into military services Defacto militia units o Castas - National Period o Race and Nation o Mestizaje "Class" - What is class? Social Hierarchy, usually determined by wealth or callidad - Colonial Period o Race and Class o Occupation (Oficio) - National Period o Elites o Military o Middle Classes o Working Classes Gender - What is gender? The social construction of the difference between the sexes - Colonial Period o Patriarchy Wives were the properties of their husbands Protected their daughters from dishonor But encouraged to have many mistresses o Honor of family greater if you marry into other elites o Convents fathers tried to ensure their daughters virginities by putting them into convents. - National Period o Political/Economic Participation o Differences in Historical Experiences ...
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